What My Contractors Say…

“I’ve been a contractor for The Write Hand, LLC for over a year. Working with Ursula and her team has been great. The dedication and professionalism are top-notch!” Jen – Analytics and AdWords

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ursula as a contractor on several assignments. Her clients are her priority and she is diligent in responding when it comes to communication, deadlines, and payment for work. Her professionalism is impeccable. It is always a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to a continued working relationship.” Stacey Miner ~ Transcriptionist

“Ursula is a great project manager. I can go to her with questions about even the smallest task and she will direct me on how to solve it. Working within her whole team has been effective as it allowed me to interact with other contractors on projects that would have been too difficult on my own. Ursula is the guru of the online marketing world and you will not be disappointed in her.” Brook Ruble, Virtual Assistant

“Ursula puts her heart and soul into everything she does for her clients and demands the best from her pool of specialists and experts. It’s a delight to witness the magic and celebrate client success. Her leadership expands client results in a way that nobody could achieve on their own. Ursula rocks!” Kimberley, Virtual Assistant

What My Clients and Colleagues Say…

Michelle Hill, Owner ~ Winning Proof
“Ursula has provided top-shelf transcription service for my clients and I. Her communication skills throughout each project keeps me informed, and the documents she returns from often less-than-perfect audio recordings are the best I’ve ever received. Ursula is thorough, detailed, and diligent, and I highly recommend any of her services!”
Mary Luther, MD ~ Lifetime Metabolic Clinics – Wheaton
“Ursula and her company have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only are they extremely professional, but they are able to fulfill your needs in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend their services for any project that you need… Big or small!”
Christie Ruffino ~ Founder DPWN, Speaker, Coach
“As a solopreneur, it’s great to have a dependable team of professionals helping me do the things I don’t like and shouldn’t be doing. Ursula’s team does great work and meets my crazy deadlines, making me look like a rock star to my clients and prospects.”
Janet Freund ~ Image Strategist, Owner
“Thank you, Ursula, for taking on my email drip campaign with gusto! Your enthusiasm and attention to detail were much needed! The campaign was successful and was even able to turn it into an ebook! I would recommend your services and look forward to working together on my new newsletter! Yay for The Write Hand!!
Colleen Wehrmann, Owner ~ Four Seasons Contracting Inc.
“I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Ursula (The Write Hand) for always being responsive and working with me to expand my business. I appreciate your hard work, suggestions and how much you care for me and my business as your client. I love that you love what you do for others and it really shows in your work.
Tim Hunter, Owner ~ Tim Hunter and Associates
“I just got off the phone with a new factory we have been interviewing and they bragged about how nice our website was.Thanks again for helping us to improve our image. You do great work.”
Bill Nash (Resume Client)
“Remarkably talented with a keen eye for what works in today’s progressive and dynamic business world. That’s my review of The Write Hand. Thinking outside the box used to be all it took to move to the next level; these days it’s more important to read the source and provide solutions that address the complex diversity of our changing business environments. The Write Hand can provide solutions others will never think of.”
Eddie Bingham, Owner ~ Naperville Motorsports
“As a small business owner, I must wear many hats and it can be overwhelming at times. It is difficult for me to put on the ‘artistic hat’ due to it not being a good fit for me. Your understanding of my companies needs appears to be easy for you to grasp. Thank you, Ursula Wachowiak, for the very excellent and professional ‘Help Wanted’ ad.”
Douglas Mudge, Owner ~ Accurate Home Inspections
“I can not say enough good things about Ursula, She has taken a huge load off my hands and doing a much better job with my business than I could ever do. This has given me more time to focus on other portions of my business that I am better at. I would highly recommend Ursula to any business needing a hand, You know that saying “not enough hours in a day,”? Hire Ursula and your hours may just go back to the normal 8-12.”
Michael Hough ~ President of Southern DuPage ABATE
“Ursula excels in so many areas. Pretty much give her your ideas and let her run with them. You won’t be disappointed. I will call her ANYTIME I need web work done.”
Rachel Young-Nielsen, CMP ~ Advanced Events
“We are the Next Evolution in Business Event Planning. Results Matter. Ursula is so much more than a virtual assistant, she is an extension of our team that understands the quality, thought and passion we put into our work. Having access to Ursula’s talents and perspective is a valuable asset for each of us at Advanced Events – she keeps us ahead of our own game!”
Larry Maas, Owner to both ~ Area One Motorsports and The Syndicate
“Ursula is a very creative gal that knows how to get the job done and done right, she has a dynamic work ethic that brings the ability to solve problems on the fly and do so in an original and efficient manner. she is quite intuitive and resourceful in her solutions and has never left me “high and dry” she always comes through and really shines when you are in a pinch. being detail driven and with creativity like this, it is a hard to find the combination. give her a try she’ll floor you with how good she is.”
Paula Daniel, Owner ~ East End Business Solutions
“Ursula is an ACE! Professional, personable and very smart. I am sure to continue to work with her.”
Sean, Columnist ~ Page21 Magazine
“Working with Ursula has been another complete pleasure. She is talented, professional, courteous, on-time and most importantly she keeps you abreast of things. I’m beyond excited I was lucky enough to find her on this site and I will continue to work with her!”
Michelle Hill, Owner ~ Winning Proof Transcription
“This freelancer was a Godsend! Not only was Ursula easy to work with, she got my transcription project back to me in 24 hours. It was accurate and well organized too! I will definitely utilize her skills again the next time I have a project that needs an excellent touch!! I can highly recommend The Write Hand for your projects!”
Brian Lackey, Semi-Sales ~ Navistar Midwest
“Ursula of The Write Hand has been instrumental in helping me with various typing jobs since winter of 2011. She has proofread and word-smithed several projects for me, as well as transcribed notes from sales meetings. She is fast, accurate, and professional in manner. The ability to reach out to her whenever I have a need has been a great help in my profession. I highly recommend her services for anybody that needs help with transcription, professional writing, and administrative work.”
Dave Mackey, Principal ~ Agility Marketing Services, LLC
“Ursula is a detailed-oriented team player who has a great sense of urgency, operates with a very high level of independence and holds herself and her team to high standards at all times. I would gladly recommend Ursula to anyone who may be considering her as a potential colleague.”
Frank Hernandez ~ First Nationwide Bank and BP Products N.A.
“I’ve known Ursula since 1993 and I worked with her at two major corporations including First Nationwide Bank (formerly a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company) and BP Products N.A. Inc. Ursula has always been a hard working and results oriented employee that thrives on constantly being challenged with new responsibilities and tasks. Ursula is a detail oriented conscientious employee that is highly reliable and a trustworthy. She consistently achieved and often exceeded performance objectives. It has been a pleasure working with and knowing Ursula all of these years. She would be a valuable asset to any organization that hires her as a permanent employee.”
Mark May, Director ~ Forest City Enterprises
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ursula on the Promenade development and found she was the go-to person on any task that was urgent or important. Ursula is hard-working, has a great grasp of detail and know-how to get things done right. If I ever had an opportunity to hire her in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to do so.”
George Crawford, Project Manager ~ Forest City Enterprises
“Ursula is perhaps the best Administrative Assistant that I ever hired. The combination of her personality, work ethic, and flexibility made her an example of what I look for in future placements. Thanks Ursula for a job well done.”
Heather Kash, Senior Director of Corporate Relations & Risk Management ~ St Baldrick’s Foundation
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ursula as part of the Bolingbrook 4 Kids effort on behalf of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and our mission to Conquer Kids’ Cancer. Ursula has been extremely organized and efficient, and an integral part of the success of the local effort on our behalf, particularly working to energize the Promenade businesses to get involved. She brings great passion and enthusiasm to the cause – we are very lucky to have her as part of our team!”
Tina Guide, Director ~ Virgo Rising Presents
“Ursula and I have worked together on various events. I always count on her for reliable communications and organization. She has great energy and enthusiasm for her work and is generous with her knowledge and experience.”
Steve Oldendorf, Sr. Project Manager ~ Graycor Construction Company
“I have had the pleasure to work with Ursula on several occasions since 2006. She is very professional and very courteous. She is a very assertive person and is not afraid of taking on new challenges no matter how foreign they may be. She has been able to quickly adapt to her ever-changing and more challenging work responsibilities throughout her career with Forest City.”
Lisa Baccega, Owner ~ Salad Creations
“Ursula has proven to be an invaluable resource for the tenants within The Promenade Bolingbrook. Her knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated. She can easily handle multiple projects at once while not losing site of the important details. Over the past four years, Ursula’s professional yet personable demeanor have made her a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without hesitation.”
Warren (Bill) Wheaton, VP Design & Construction ~ The Pizzuti Companies
“I found Ursula to be highly professional and organized in her work at Pizzuti. She has a positive attitude and was a joy to work with.”
Ted Wolff, ASLA, Principal ~ Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc.
“I have known Ursula Wachowiak in her role as Office Manager for Forest City Development since late 2005 when The Promenade Bolingbrook started construction. From a consultant’s perspective she only made our lives and jobs easier; whatever was within her purview or responsibility was always organized, coordinated, and communicated to the design team well in advance, and materials and critical information were always on hand for the weekly and special Owner / Contractor / Consultant meetings. I think one could charge Ursula with almost any task and find that it is within her capabilities not only to do it but to do it well and quickly. I would recommend Ursula Wachowiak for any position as office manager or coordinator within the development or real estate industry or in a similar capacity in a related industry where her organizational, coordination and communication skills would be valuable, and where you want to work with someone who has a positive and engaging attitude about work.”
Zeenat Kassam, Owner ~ Parfumerie36
“I was a tenant at Bolingbrook Promenade. She worked in the Management office. She is very polite and cooperative. Takes care of any problem right away.”
Tom Castagnoli, General Manager ~ Forest City Enterprises
“Ursula is one of the hardest and most dedicated workers I have ever met. Her attention to details and proactive approach to her work makes my life much easier as GM.”
Dave Wing, Senior Vice President ~ Graycor Construction Company
“Ursula is a dedicated and hard working employee. She has a personality that enables her to work well with others. She is committed to her job, family, and friends. And rides her motorcycle like no other woman I have ever met.”
Douglas Tornatore, Regional Leasing Director ~ Forest City Enterprises
“I have known Ursula since 2006. She is a very bright, high energy individual. She has a good work ethic and is a team player. She is an asset to our organization.”
Terry Bell, Principal ~ CD+M Lighting Design Group
“As an outside consultant, I first noticed Ursula’s helpful and positive attitude. But as time progressed through the design and construction, it became apparent this was a genuine attribute to her personality, that extended to virtually everyone that entered the office. She handled various and multiple requests from contractors to executives had extensive knowledge of project deliverables and time frames (beyond her requirements) and even developed a positive rapport with the local officials. I would highly recommend Ursula for any position she was seeking, as I am sure you would get far more than expected. Ursula is also an extremely capable motorcyclist.”
virtual assistant

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