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Time Management for Small Businesses…

The Art of Juggling a Small Business

The Art of Juggling a Small Business

WOW – I ran across this Time Management for Small Business tool today and think I just might like to take this seminar if I find it in my area. The Write Hand, LLC is a Virtual Assistant business, and I am constantly trying to manage my time from highest priorities to lowest. Often I cannot control when schedule changes occur due to client needs. I have always been an advocate of Living in Day Tight Compartments when I was in a corporate environment, but in all honesty it is often very hard to stay on task with this schedule type in my Virtual Assistant business.

I try hard to allocate my hours based on:

  • Real Work to generate revenue.
  • Business Marketing to generate revenue.
  • Reading News to stay apprised of my world.
  • Personal Tasks that simply must be accomplished.
  • Work on side projects like my YouTube series called Amp’d Rider Project and our giving efforts for
  • My radio show and magazine column that share not only my life’s journey but send folks back to my real business.
  • … and oh yeah, riding, eating and having a life!

I have been thinking that I need a new strategy since I have not been very successful at Living in Day Tight Compartments. Perhaps this seminar would be added ammunition for my small business arsenal as a self-employed person operating a small business.

Take a read of the workbook for this program and maybe it will help you in your strategy and perhaps you may find the seminar in your area. 

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