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Day 26 Interview Transcription – Complete with Lots of Laughs

I tell you what… I sure did enjoy transcribing the video interviews with Day 26 for Page21 Magazine. The guys from Day 26 are super personable and quite funny indeed. And LaToya the interviewer from Page21 Magazine did a great job and really made the interview flow well. I certainly cannot divulge the content of the interview but let’s just say that Day 26 is coming back stronger than ever with their new album.

I listen to all sorts of music but honestly I had not heard of Day 26 until now. As I researched some of the necessary subjects to complete my transcription, I saved a couple YouTube links for their songs. In particular (so far) my favorite is Made Love Lately. I love the way these guys have a new spin on 90s R&B meets Hip-Hop. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about Day 26.

I’ve transcribed more words than I could count in a life time, but they have always been in person or on voice only audio. On this particular project I learned a little more about transcribing video. The biggest learning was the process and time it takes to download and convert the videos to suit my transcription software. I’ve always had the ability to do this, just not the clientele for it. Well… now I do thanks to Page21 Magazine.

This particular project was by invitation on and I’m ever so thankful that Sean Williams found me. I definitely look forward to working for him again. His review on was exceptional and I’m proud that he enjoyed my quality.

Until we kick it together again, I wish Sean, LaToya, Page21 Magazine, and Day 26 much success.


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Interview with Day 26

Yesterday I began a series of interview #video transcriptions with Day 26. Of course with any project there’s a certain amount of research necessary to make sure you have spelling right and to clarify specific verbiage with which you may be unfamiliar.

Video 1 has been transcribed and these guys are just plain funny and really very personable. I will begin the remaining two videos after this blog post and look forward to learning more about them and giggling at their antics.

I am certainly not at liberty to give details of the interview so you’ll have to stay tuned for more. But I can tell you that Day 26 is ready to bring you some killer tunes and they are headed for the top of the world.

For  now I wish you a successful day and I’m off to listen to what the boys have to say next…

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