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I like to tell new clients to consider The Write Hand, LLC your one-stop shop so to speak; rather cliche but true. Below are some of the high-level projects we manage for clients. Everything has individual pricing because we often start small with a client and then when they see all we can do, they send us more projects. As such, we offer package pricing as well – for those ready to really get it all handled or for those that upgrade as we develop our relationship. Again, this is a high-level list to give you ideas, but we manage a plethora of tasks both large and small. During your Free Consultation, we will discuss your current needs and vision for future needs so we are well versed in how to develop a perfect plan for you and your business.

Prior to your Free Consultation, keep a notepad with you during your work day and make notes of all the things you’d like to have done, all the things you want off your plate, and visions you have to move forward. During your Free Consultation, we will discuss how to create more time by delegating tasks to The Write Hand, LLC.

ACCOUNTING – From data input, reconciliation, payroll, expense analysis, quarterly reports, annual reports, profit & loss, and preparedness for taxes; we can help you manage all or a little of your accounting chores.

ADMINISTRATIVE – From making dinner reservations, phone calls, emails, online research, and much more; you always have an administrative assistant handy.

BRANDING – From the new development of a brand and image for your business to updating and custom elements for your brand; we make sure you look as good as you perform.

GOOGLE ADWORDS AND ANALYTICS – From basic analytics of website activity to deep and successful AdWords marketing campaigns; you’ll always know how your website and Google ads are creating your best ROI.

GRAPHICS AND DESIGN – From our very popular Monthly Banner Change Program, to customize marketing campaigns, to brand updates, and beyond; if you can dream it, we can create it.

MARKETING – This is a huge category and we can help you customize marketing campaigns that suit your vision and have the best reach for your target audience. We use a ton of tactics to make sure your company is being seen by the right people.

SOCIAL MEDIA – In line with marketing, we have an extensive social media marketing plan that utilizes today’s top online platforms to expand your target audience reach.

TRANSCRIPTION – Using audio recordings can really speed up your productivity if you have a lot of information you want in a document. We transcribe audio or video records for authors, punch lists, walkthroughs, project outlines, training manuals, and much more.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE – From a brand new website to keeping your site current and interactive; your website presence will be spectacular when you see what we can do. Remember, this can also include your SEO and analytics.

OTHER – That’s a true catch-all in our industry. We have a variety of experts we use specifically for their greatest talents. No matter how big or small your task or project, we have a specialist or administrative assistant that will get the job done.



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