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Interview with Day 26

Yesterday I began a series of interview #video transcriptions with Day 26. Of course with any project there’s a certain amount of research necessary to make sure you have spelling right and to clarify specific verbiage with which you may be unfamiliar.

Video 1 has been transcribed and these guys are just plain funny and really very personable. I will begin the remaining two videos after this blog post and look forward to learning more about them and giggling at their antics.

I am certainly not at liberty to give details of the interview so you’ll have to stay tuned for more. But I can tell you that Day 26 is ready to bring you some killer tunes and they are headed for the top of the world.

For  now I wish you a successful day and I’m off to listen to what the boys have to say next…

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Working From Home – Time Management

Well, being your own boss and working from home certainly has it’s advantages, but there are a few pitfalls as well. Managing your time wisely is your key to success. Just because you may be in your PJ’s doesn’t mean you should lay around. Get up and Get going. Your virtual clients keep their hours and you have to be available when they need you. Brush your teeth, find a healthy breakfast and LOGIN. Some mornings that’s a challenge. For instance, I was up until 1AM last night working and taking online classes. That was my choice but I still had to roll out of bed and get moving for a 9AM appointment.

Create a schedule for yourself that includes all your daily tasks, both professional and personal and stick to it as strictly as you can manage. I have always been a big fan of Dale Carnegie and the business strategies he has developed and that the corporation teaches.

Mr. Carnegie is also the author of Living in Day Tight Compartments. Check out this interview with Rod Colon of ME, Inc.

No matter your expertise or business function, time management is your great asset. Make a plan, stick to it, and live and work in a healthier mode.