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WOW – I found this article to be a great start to my week. I’m not going to toot my horn too loud, but frankly when you grow as a person and better things happen for you; it’s important to acknowledge it with grace and be proud of yourself. As such, this article reminded me of all I’ve gone through from childhood until today, it reminded me of always trying to improve day after day, even when some days I might have gone backward a bit too far. This article reminded me that I built The Write Hand, LLC from a little part-time side thing all by myself; to a fully functioning Online Business Management Network. My company provides income for the specialty contractors on my team and provides growth and revenue for the business owners we service. All said (this is where the actual Horn Toot comes in), I couldn’t have built The Write Hand, LLC without my life journeys, my professional experiences, and my daily and formal education; and I am proud of that.

The full article link is at the end; it’s a quick, easy read. But before you click the article, below is what I thought as I read it. Perhaps go into this article with the idea of putting yourself in each category and evaluate where you should be the proudest and where you should try to put forth more effort for greater improvement. The best quote in this article by my opinion; “…be transformational, not transactional…”

  • ENGAGED – They are personally engaged. Not only do these managers preach engagement, they live it. They are engaged as both individuals and managers. They bring their hearts, spirits, minds, and hands to their work. It’s contagious.
    • My 2 Cents: Money is a necessary evil and in proper terms is earned with hard work. There are a zillion jobs in the world; with a good attitude and dedication to your goals, you can make any job enjoyable – or at least learn to keep yourself happy and balanced within the job.
  • INVOLVED – They are involved. We often see “management by exception,” which means the only time a subordinate interacts with their leader is when they do something well or really steps in it. Engaged managers are there day-to-day, taking the temperature, learning what people need to be inspired to give discretionary effort.
    • My 2 Cents: It’s easy enough to ask your employees or team members how things are going, where are they seeing the most successes and challenges, or is there something they think would improve a process or the environment. Just ask, listen, and implement as best you can to keep your team happy. Sometimes the simplest things can make folks feel appreciated and thus, they want to follow you and stick with you.
  • HIRE WISE – They hire wisely. You may not have total discretion over hiring for your team or department. But you probably have influence. The engaged manager does whatever he or she can to ensure that new hires are people likely to get on board with the organization’s engagement environment.
    • My 2 Cents: I do have the total discretion of who I hire but I also value the input of my whole team. I may hire based on my criteria, yet during a trial period I will ask my team how the new member is interacting, do they need guidance in one place more than another, are they stronger somewhere that we should capitalize on, etc. Similarly, with tact and a non-judgmental tone; I will always let my team know when something has not occurred as it should and how we can improve the action for the future. Wasn’t that a PC way to say, “I politely tell people when they screw up and how to not do it again?” LOL
  • MAGIC – They create an environment of “MAGIC”: Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection. They understand the key components of engagement and don’t try to substitute imitation satisfaction factors for what’s truly important.
    • My 2 Cents: This is perfect for The Write Hand, LLC because I feel like we do create MAGIC particularly for our clients. We build websites and marketing plans that get results; they are attractive and appealing. We make things come to life for our clients. But this actual acronym as relates to management is cool in my opinion. The MAGIC formula is a simple way to make your team feel needed, successful, and valued for their talents.
    • The portion of this acronym that speaks to growth is one that I think a lot of managers don’t focus on enough. Though you never want to lose good people, you must keep your team forward thinking for themselves and your business. If they have dreams, goals, and motivation; help them get there. Five excellent and successful years with a top-notch employee is better than 15 years with a miserable one. In the case of my company where I use many different experts, most of whom work for me ‘on-the-side’ in addition to full-time employment; I try to show my team how what they do for me can translate into addition work or learning they can use elsewhere or to grow their own side business, if that’s what they wish.
  • TRUST – They don’t mess it up. When your team is fully engaged, sometimes your job is just to get out of the way and adjust the sails.
    • My 2 Cents: This is so perfect for the way I built my company. I used to do it all, but ‘all’ was limited to the few areas of expertise in my brain. With excellent connections and the vision to capitalize on other people’s expertise, I learned how to package and sell my smarts and the smarts of others, so yet other-others could benefit – LOL. Even though I am the Project Manager and liaison between all clients and the contractors working for us; I know when to sit back and watch my experts work together to get the job done. I might occasionally chime in and say, “Good Job, can’t wait to see it…”, or “This is over my head, y’all let me know the outcome…”, or even, “Sounds good; let me know if you need me…”
  • EXAMPLE – They lead by example. More than anything, the engaged manager’s role is to lead by example. In the words of Gandhi, “be the change you wish to create.”
    • My 2 Cents: This one is a bit more interpersonal and while I feel I try hard at this, definitely this is one that always needs to be top of mind in LIFE in general; not just management.


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