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Time Management for Small Businesses…

The Art of Juggling a Small Business

The Art of Juggling a Small Business

WOW – I ran across this Time Management for Small Business tool today and think I just might like to take this seminar if I find it in my area. The Write Hand, LLC is a Virtual Assistant business, and I am constantly trying to manage my time from highest priorities to lowest. Often I cannot control when schedule changes occur due to client needs. I have always been an advocate of Living in Day Tight Compartments when I was in a corporate environment, but in all honesty it is often very hard to stay on task with this schedule type in my Virtual Assistant business.

I try hard to allocate my hours based on:

  • Real Work to generate revenue.
  • Business Marketing to generate revenue.
  • Reading News to stay apprised of my world.
  • Personal Tasks that simply must be accomplished.
  • Work on side projects like my YouTube series called Amp’d Rider Project and our giving efforts for
  • My radio show and magazine column that share not only my life’s journey but send folks back to my real business.
  • … and oh yeah, riding, eating and having a life!

I have been thinking that I need a new strategy since I have not been very successful at Living in Day Tight Compartments. Perhaps this seminar would be added ammunition for my small business arsenal as a self-employed person operating a small business.

Take a read of the workbook for this program and maybe it will help you in your strategy and perhaps you may find the seminar in your area. 

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Small Biz Accounting Software… which is right for your business?

Small Biz Accounting Software… which is right for your business?

At The Write Hand I have used QuickBooks for accounting well over 15 years. I’ve seen the improvements and the majority of my clients that require accounting assistance also use QuickBooks. Their features are excellent and user friendly. The online ability to access your accounting from anywhere is a huge plus.

There is a price to pay and based on your needs the price can range. Being a small business and vigilant in keeping overhead to a minimum, I simply have not found a better value for the investment.

However, every business is different from vision to budget and so it is important to do your homework before you settle. No matter what program you choose, there will always be that initial setup. The non-accountant may find this quite stressful, but have no fear, The Write Hand can help if you desire.

I found the article below rather informative although a few of the details may be a bit skewed; particularly the price they quote for QuickBooks. The article references the Premier version but you don’t necessarily have to “go big” right out the gate.

Take a look if you’re in the market for accounting software for your small business and then contact me if you need further help in deciding and setting up your platform.

PC Mag – Comparing Accounting Software for your Small Business

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