One Job In ~ One Job Out

11 Apr

I posted on FB last night that not every dollar is worth earning. When I first starting promoting my services nearly 4 weeks ago after losing my job, I bid on everything within my scope of expertise. Transcription being the fastest and easiest money maker ~ or so it would seem.

I was hired by a client in Nepal. Now first and foremost, I must vent and say how disheartened I am that US companies are sending their dictations overseas, only to have it come back to us because we know American English. One of the files came from Chicago (not 20 miles from where I sit now), the other from Atlanta. ARGH!!

So with the parameters of this client’s work, a 1.5 hour file was taking me nearly 4 hours to transcribe and edit. This is inefficient turn time, but the files were not available until late afternoon with a deadline of midnight. Honestly, by that time I’ve already had a full day of work and my mental faculties begin to fade. This is not advantageous for production quality or my physical well-being. Let’s add to that the fact he negotiated my rate down by $0.22/audio minute. I took it because I needed the work; I’m letting him go because there are more critical tasks and jobs at hand that will ultimately help my business in the long range.

Being unemployed, it’s hard to turn down any job, but I know that I must in this case. Accepting and acting upon these things can be difficult and second-guessing one’s self certainly takes its toll. But knowing and realizing there are bigger fish to fry is just one hurdle of being an entrepreneur.

I was blessed yesterday as I sat waiting for my client Mark Antomez of Antomez and Sons (landscaping and tree service) to arrive. You see, I had submitted a proposal for VA work on last week. On Monday I had a phone interview with the client, and as I waited for Mark, this client called. I have been accept as her VA. She’s a very personable, laid-back lady that runs East End Business Solutions. I started working for Paula Daniel right away when I got home from my appointment.

So it goes that one door closes and another opens. I’m enjoying the administrative aspect of this job because after all, that’s what I’ve done for sooooo many years and it’s what I’m great at doing.

Today I sit here at my home office feeling a fair bit better about my adventures into making The Write Hand flourish. No, I’m not rich yet, may never be, but as long as my independence is not threatened, I’m going to press forward on my journey.


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