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Rico Love ~ Interview Transcription

I woke up this morning with only one ghostwriting project on my plate and it was mostly finished other than jazzing up some verbiage, proofreading, and linking. So when I saw an email in my inbox from Sean Williams at Page21Magazine, I was tickled to have work from him again. I’m really diggin’ this new subject matter and I enjoy checking out the artists and hearing new songs as I transcribe the interviews.

Rico Love used to make his coin rapping and singing … now he’s gone big time as the CEO of Division1, writing songs, developing talent, producing for and collaborating with artists like Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs, Emjay, Cherlise, Teairra MariAmeriie, Usher, Beyonce, and many more.

Rico Love has certainly taken his talent beyond rap music and is making his way to the top of the charts in what is bound to be a successful career. And as always, I cannot divulge the content of the interview but there’s plenty to be excited about, so follow Page21 Magazine for the latest greatest buzz …


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Day 26 Interview Transcription – Complete with Lots of Laughs

I tell you what… I sure did enjoy transcribing the video interviews with Day 26 for Page21 Magazine. The guys from Day 26 are super personable and quite funny indeed. And LaToya the interviewer from Page21 Magazine did a great job and really made the interview flow well. I certainly cannot divulge the content of the interview but let’s just say that Day 26 is coming back stronger than ever with their new album.

I listen to all sorts of music but honestly I had not heard of Day 26 until now. As I researched some of the necessary subjects to complete my transcription, I saved a couple YouTube links for their songs. In particular (so far) my favorite is Made Love Lately. I love the way these guys have a new spin on 90s R&B meets Hip-Hop. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about Day 26.

I’ve transcribed more words than I could count in a life time, but they have always been in person or on voice only audio. On this particular project I learned a little more about transcribing video. The biggest learning was the process and time it takes to download and convert the videos to suit my transcription software. I’ve always had the ability to do this, just not the clientele for it. Well… now I do thanks to Page21 Magazine.

This particular project was by invitation on and I’m ever so thankful that Sean Williams found me. I definitely look forward to working for him again. His review on was exceptional and I’m proud that he enjoyed my quality.

Until we kick it together again, I wish Sean, LaToya, Page21 Magazine, and Day 26 much success.


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Working from Home and Eating Right

I’ve written before about the down falls of working at home and being so close the pantry. Since reaching my lifetime goal weight eight years ago and keeping it, I’ve preached about Weight Watchers to many folks. They can’t believe that I lost 42 pounds. Yep – It’s True.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons with Weight Watchers that I continue to practice today. I don’t keep a journal anymore, it just comes naturally. And yes, sometimes I go overboard, but I know what to do and I have the discipline to move forward after enjoying some scrumptious pizza and beers with friends.

So today for breakfast I had one package of Quaker instant oatmeal, cinnamon if you really want to know (2 pts on WW).

And now I’m taking a quick pause for lunch. A gourmet (term used lightly) Turkey/Ham 1/2 sandwich with tomato on whole grain bread.

1/2 ounce Turkey Ham (1 point)

1 slice Butternut All Whole Grain 100% Whole Wheat bread (1 point)

Tomato (0 points)

Light spread of Kraft Real Mayo (2 points – I don’t like Lite Mayo so that’s a choice I prefer, you can reduce the point value if you don’t mind Lite Mayo)

So my half sandwich loaded with tomato and flavored with turkey/ham and mayo is 4 points total. And my decaf Lipton tea, unsweetened with lemon – 0 points, and it counts as one of my waters since it’s decaf.

Viola, Lunch is done and I’m ready to get back to work.

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Interview with Day 26

Yesterday I began a series of interview #video transcriptions with Day 26. Of course with any project there’s a certain amount of research necessary to make sure you have spelling right and to clarify specific verbiage with which you may be unfamiliar.

Video 1 has been transcribed and these guys are just plain funny and really very personable. I will begin the remaining two videos after this blog post and look forward to learning more about them and giggling at their antics.

I am certainly not at liberty to give details of the interview so you’ll have to stay tuned for more. But I can tell you that Day 26 is ready to bring you some killer tunes and they are headed for the top of the world.

For  now I wish you a successful day and I’m off to listen to what the boys have to say next…

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Zoom Zoom – Gone Too Soon

From the break of day to the fall of night, being on my motorcycle is always just right. The wind on my face and the sun on my skin, there’s a calm and peace lying within. Riding alone or riding with friends, the joy doesn’t stop until the road ends. Perils and weather can make the journey a feat, but a biker does not ever use the word defeat. We share a bond that only we understand, we are the world’s bikers, women and men. Watch for us please, we’re no different than you, only when we travel our wheels are times two. ~ Written by: Ursula Wachowiak in Dedication to Eva Grzegorczyk

Today’s blog post is not about #ghostwriting, #transcribing, or any other virtual assistant stuff. Yes, I have worked today, but all the while I was constantly brought back to a place in my mind and my heart that grieves. Last evening, a friend and fellow rider lost her life while doing what she loved so much ~ riding her motorcycle.

We bid you farewell Eva Grzegorczyk but we will not forget you. Now I was really a closer friend to her boyfriend Troy, because he rode with our group often. Eva however, worked a great deal building and establishing a name for herself with Nationwide Insurance. Eva and I shared banter back and forth on Facebook and I would visit her booth at motorcycle and car shows. In fact, she joined my riding group via a connection of another rider before I even knew she was Troy’s girlfriend. I mean really, I know 3 women named Eva so when he would speak of his Eva, it never dawned on me.

But today my friend Troy is at a terrible loss and I cannot fathom his pain. Motorcyclists in my group have shown much support and her Facebook page is of course blowing up with love and support for her and her loved ones.In today’s virtual world and with crazy schedules and obligations, we do not always get enough time to truly know the people worth knowing, or to spend time with them even when we know they are great.

So today, I merely write about Eva in a manner in which I can… I do not know her as well as I would have liked, but every time I saw her, she was radiant, full of energy, kind, and affectionate. Her zeal for life and for adventure were limitless. Her eyes were beautiful. And her smile was warm and welcoming.

I offer today a chance to give a wee tiny piece of your heart in remembrance of Eva. We will collect funds (amount of your choice) and we will send flowers to her service. In hopes that we receive too much for simply flowers, all excess proceeds will be donated to the ABATE Chapter in Eva’s area in her memory.

Whether you knew Eva or not, whether you ride or not, for some connection some how, you are reading my post ~ showing you the power of the internet, the power of social media, the power of word of mouth, and most importantly THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART.

Contributions can be sent via PayPal (please send as a GIFT so we do not lose valuable contributions to fees and make a note that says, “FOR EVA”). The email address for contributions is:

May God Bless Troy and Eva’s family in this challenging and heart breaking time.

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Walk the Talk – Living in Day Tight Compartments (Time Management)

Last week I wrote about Dale Carnegie‘s philosophy of Living in Day Tight Compartments. When I had an 8-5 job the schedule made itself and the tasks ran in a fairly set manner. However, now that my work relies solely on “ME” it has become increasingly important to manage my time wisely. As was discussed last week the Living in Day Tight Compartments philosophy is a golden nugget and although a simple strategy in theory, it’s up to us to make a difference in our lives and to have the structure necessary to do it. That is not always easy as you’ll read in this blog post from Dale Carnegie’s site.

To help get my week off to a fabulous start and to ensure that I am maximizing my time, I sat last night and created my day tight compartments schedule (see photo below). I have set alarms in my phone which is never more than 5′ from me, and today I plan to work that schedule to the bone. Since my business changes in an instant depending on clients’ needs and since I’m in an interim limbo so to speak (trying to make money where ever possible), my schedule may not look that exciting to you, but the theory is still the same.

With riding season upon us, believe me – – jumping on my Harley when the sun is out gnaws at me constantly, but … first thing is first, and that’s to make money to put the gas in the Harley on the days when I do have some spare time.

My calendar was created in Excel because frankly, it’s the easiest to manipulate for this type of close combat organizing. You’ll see I have created my Day Tight Compartments in 10 minute intervals. This can easily be changes to quarter hours or half hours. START NOW: If you would like to save yourself some time and use the templates I have already created, I’d gladly share with you a 2012 version of your Day Tight Compartments schedule. Simply PayPal $5.00 to me at as a GIFT (no fees that way) and in your note, indicate what intervals you wish to have in your format (:10, :15, :30).

Until next time, be organized, be timely, and be successful…



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All Work and No Play… Visiting Veterans at Manteno Veterans Home

After a long week of looking for jobs and improving my blogging skills, I spent a very blessed Sunday with many friends visiting veterans and taking them some fun things and necessity items. I began my day at 6AM, gearing up and getting ready to ride my Harley. We ate breakfast from 7:30-8:30AM and then rolled out to Manteno Veterans Home. We brought the vets things like puzzle books, note paper, card games, beauty supplies, toiletries, and snacks.

Manteno is home to nearly 250 veterans, 21 of whom are women. These veterans range in age but the majority are seniors. Sadly, some of these folks never have visitors and even sadder, most will stay here until their final day.

The home is lovely, modern, full of windows, has a casual cafe, a chapel, a court yard with a huge wooden gazebo, and they have a beautiful bird cage and fish tank in the common living room.

Now I’m a yapper and my momma always said I’ve never met a stranger, but in a place like this, the awe that one experiences can frankly make you mute. We were there to socialize with the vets and bring some cheer to their day with our visit and our goodies. Initially it can be a little awkward trying to start a conversation with folks you know are not living the way they’d really like to live, folks that are very ill or disabled, folks that sacrificed so much in the name of American Freedom.

But nonetheless, I needed to be blessed today and they needed so as well. My father served 23 years in the US Navy and I figured that would be my jumping off point for a couple of conversations around the room. Well, let me tell you… some of these folks do not need any ice breakers what so ever.

Earl was a jabber jaw; sharing tales of his son and grand son, the farm equipment he used to wrench on, and the collection of antique cars, bikes, and various toys his son has collected. And then there’s Bob… he has dementia and his conversations are coherent one moment and the next, not so much. Bob however, can make one heck of an apple juice toast. It goes something like this: Here’s to the bull, that gave it to the heffer, if not for his red rod, you’d have no meat by God. I dern near spit apple juice everywhere. And check this out, Bob is a huge Elvis fan, with not only a BLU SUEDE license plate on the back of his wheelchair, but was wearing honest to goodness Blue Suede Shoes. The King is not dead because Bob keeps his memory alive. Charles was a more challenging gentleman with whom to converse. I couldn’t get him to say much so I recanting tales of visiting my father on duty days on his submarine and eating in the galley with the wonderful chef they had on board. As Charles enjoyed his chocolate doughnut with the mess and slober of a 3 year old, he repeatedly told me two things: that I had beautiful eyes and that he was on a communications ship when he served 6 years in the US Navy. That’s nearly it, other than, “Can you get me a napkin and more apple juice please?”

I went to Manteno with some folks that have been a wonderful blessing in my life, and I left with blessings of wonderful folks that today, touched my life. I truly wish that war did not exist, but since it does, I am thankful and grateful to all those who have served in our military forces and I wish them and their families peace and honor knowing that their service has not been in vein.

May God Bless Us All and God Bless the USA.


ABOVE: Volunteers and Earl.


ABOVE: When we arrived we sorted the items we had brought so they could be properly distributed.


ABOVE: I am bringing one veteran from the chapel to veterans hall for social time.


ABOVE: I am having a conversation with a few veterans and one staff member, as well as sharing pictures of my new grand daughter.


ABOVE: Ladies and Gentleman, this is Bob. I do believe I will remember his toast for a very long time.


ABOVE: We took our Harleys and our full hearts for a wonderful sunshiny ride when we left Manteno. Smiles and Smiles for Miles.


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